Maria Teresa Moffa has always cultivates studies and passion for art.

Since the beginning of her formation, she explored various aspects of visual art and has specialized in restoration of works of art.

Her artistic and professional journey has led her to collaborate on major historical restoration projects as both a freelance artist and as project director, mainly in Milan (Church of S. Maurizio-Main Monastery, Litta Palace, Real Palace, Banca Commerciale Italiana in Scala's square).

She works for private colleptionists, galleries and institutions, among which the Church of S. Ambrogio ad Nemus in Milan; she restores Leonardo's models and paints for the Science and Technologies National Museum "Leonardo da Vinci".

Currently, Maria Teresa Moffa is working on a new research project and further exploring her artistic horizons, creating abstract visual paintings that use poetry and colour to show how limits and barriers can be surpassed, how to “go beyond”.

Paola Pescetelli communications